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 A little more advanced scratching tutorial ...

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A little more advanced scratching tutorial ... Empty
PostSubject: A little more advanced scratching tutorial ...   A little more advanced scratching tutorial ... Empty17.11.08 0:49

1 click flare
This is a technique that allows the DJ to chop up sounds faster in relatively few fader/record strokes. It makes 4 sounds, and many people find this very hard to master. It breaks down like this:
Start with the fader open and move the record forward.
Before you do the pullback, click the fader off once.
Repeat for the reverse stroke.

I found it easier to start with 1 click flares, not 1 click orbits, just to get used to cutting the center of the sound. It also works easier for many people when you think of instead of turning the fader off on the stroke, just turning the fader on during the direction change of the record. Atleast for me.

2 click flare
Possibly the most commonly used scratch around. This is the same as the 1 click flare, except that now, you fit 2 clicks on the strokes. It makes 6 sounds, and probably the hardest part of this is developing the finger dexterity to click the fader twice without using the twiddle technique. Although the twiddle technique makes it much easier to perform this scratch, many people say it sounds forced and often prefer the finger/wrist technique.
This is the rough breakdown of it:
Start with the fader open, click twice as if doing 2 transforms
Revers record direction with fader open and do the same.

With the twiddle:
Start with the fader open, and move record forward.
On the stroke close the fader and use your middle finger and your index finger to "twiddle". Make sure the fader is open after you're done with your 2 clicks.
Repeat on the reverse stroke.

3 click flare
A scratch not as commonly used as the 2 click flare, but still used commonly. I can only do this the crab way, but I am working on using my finger/wrist to do it. This is when you fit 3 clicks into the stroke, and it makes 8 sounds.
Open fader and move record forward.
Make 3 quick flicks with your wrist to close the fader 3 times, or close the fader and do a crab, ending with the fader open.
Repeat for reverse.

A good way to learn this, as I read somewhere, is something called the 3 sticker technique or something. Put 3 stickers on your vinyl, maybe about 1 cm apart, and when you do the 1 click flare, click at the center sticker, 2 click flare, between the stickers, and 3 click flare, on all stickers. Seems to work well for alot of people.

Very important technique, but should be learned after a while of scratching. This technique is used to produce 3 (or 4) fast, consecutive sounds. Basically, you're just sliding your fingers across the fader (kinda hard to explain, better understood visually). It starts with the fader closed, and ends closed.
It is usually done hitting the fader with the edge of your nails, but this depends from person to person, because sometimes I like to use the palm(?) of my fingers to do this. To check if you're doing it correctly, just hold up your fader hand in front of you, and do it against your thumb. If it looks like the movement of a crab's feet from the front, than its pretty safe to say that you're on the right track.
*for those who don't know how a crab moves, I can't help. sorry haha

Fades can be done with any scratch. It allows you to fade out or in on a scratch. Here I'll show you the delay, the crab and the 1 click flare fade.
This involves moving the volume fader, or in some cases, both the x and the volume fader.

This is used to emulate a "delay" type sound, obviously.
BreaaakkBrBreaks down sometthin like this:
Start with the x fader and the input fader open
Let the record play, and when you get to the point to rewind, Close the input fader.
Rewind, and when you play, bring the upfader up just slightly lower than the previous position.

1 Click Flare Fade
1 click flare with fade, pretty much self explanatory.
This is how I do it, but some people may just use the input faders to do this.
Grasp the xfader with your pinky and ring finger, and hold down the input fader with your pointing finger.
Perform a one click flare, and while doing that, use your pointing finger to bring the input fader down gradually.

Crab Fade
Another self explanatory one, crab + fade.
This is a little difficult, because your hand must move from the x to the input fader quickly, since most people can't keep the pointing finger on the input fader and crab at the same time.
Release the record, and crab.
On the pullback, quickly lower the input fader about a cm.
Repeat again and again and again, until the input fader is completely down.
In the sample, I've done both fading in and out.

If you are having trouble, practice the positioning of your hands during the crabs.

Tweak Scratch
I believe this was done first by Mix Master Mike, it makes a unique "turn off" kinda sound. It is much much easier if you have a slippery slipmat when you do this.
Heres how it goes:
Turn off the motor, and manually forward the record, with the fader open.
When you get to the turnaround, close the fader, and gently rewind the record to the start.
The platter should be rotating a little bit slower, and repeat the process, until the platter stops.
I saw someone do this the otherway, from slow to fast, it was really amazing, but I can't do it. I'll work on it though. If you fade in from the faster part and get loud on the slower parts, it sounds pretty cool.

Fader Flare
This is exteremely hard to do at high speeds, but sounds really good. It makes like a zinga zinga zinga kinda sound, and this can get even more complex, when you add more clicks to it. Somepeople do this with 1 hand, but I always do it with 2 because for me the faders synchronize better. It is way easier if you have a continuous tone going.
Start with the xfader open, and the input fader about half way down.
Bring the input fader up to max, and when it gets there, close the fader.
Bring the input fader down, and at the same time, open the xfader.
Your fader should be moving in a synchronized manner.

Synchronization is everything in this scratch. A little lag on one fader would absolutely poop out the sound. And don't get frustrated when you can't learn this quickly, because it is easier said than done.

Drumming on the ubs (or whatever the hell you call it)
I think this was done by the Scratch Perverts first. Its pretty impressive, and produces a quick flary kinda sound. And as of most scratches, this one being impressive, isn't an easy one to do. At the beginning, you should use a continuous tone.
Heres how it goes:
This requires 2 hands on the input fader.
Bring the input fader down and up quickly with one hand.
When it comes up, immediately slap it down and bring it up with the other.

This is so hard, and it really ticks me off to see some people do it really fast. But its worth learning, because not many people can do it at high speeds. When you get really used to it, you could add record movement to this.
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A little more advanced scratching tutorial ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: A little more advanced scratching tutorial ...   A little more advanced scratching tutorial ... Empty30.03.10 12:28

dj jay rainy you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A little more advanced scratching tutorial ...
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