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 100 Greatest Italo Disco and Discofox Tracks

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100 Greatest Italo Disco and Discofox Tracks Empty
PostSubject: 100 Greatest Italo Disco and Discofox Tracks   100 Greatest Italo Disco and Discofox Tracks Empty10.01.09 17:47

1. Trans X, “Living on Video”
2. Savage, “Only You”
3. Lime, “Angel Eyes”
4. The Twins, “Ballet Dancer”
5. Malcolm & the Bad Girls, “Shoot Me”
6. Cyber People, “Polaris”
7. Rofo, “Flashlight Disconite”
8. ’Lectric Workers, “Robot Is Systematic”
9. Stacey Q., “Two of Hearts”
10. K. Barré, “Right by the Moon”
11. Fancy, “Flames of Love”
12. Laura Branigan, “Self-Control”
13. Digital Emotion, “Go, Go, Yellow Screen”
14. Danny Boy & the Serious Party Gods, “Castro Boy”
15. New Baccara featuring Gina T., “Tokyo by Night”
16. Charlie, “Spacer Woman”
17. Shooting Party, “I Go to Pieces”
18. Klein & M.B.O., “Dirty Talk”
19. Mr. Flagio, “Take a Chance”
20. Scotch, “Plus Plus”
21. Roni Griffith, “The Best Part of Breaking Up”
22. The Flirts, “Passion”
23. Rational Youth, “City of Night”
24. Iv&agrave;n, “Fotonovela”
25. Albert One, “Turbo Diesel”
26. Scotch, “Disco Band”
27. Fancy, “Slice Me Nice”
28. Victor, “Go On, Do It”
29. Bruce & Bongo, “Geil”
30. Alan Barry, “Ring the Bell”
31. New Baccara, “Touch Me”
32. Claudja Barry, “Down and Counting”
33. Divine, “Shoot Your Shot”
34. Brand Image, “Are You Loving?”
35. Atrium, “Weekend”
36. Magazine 60, “Don Quichotte”
37. Ken Laszlo, “Hey, Hey, Guy”
38. Roni Griffith, “Mondo Man”
39. Annie Anner, “Night in the City”
40. Fun Fun, “Baila Bolero”
41. Desireless, “Voyage, Voyage”
42. Doctor’s Cat, “Gee Whiz”
43. Q, “The Voice of Q”
44. Modern Talking, “Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. for Love)”
45. Lian Ross, “Fantasy”
46. Righeira, “Vamos a la Playa”
47. La Bionda, “Wanna Be Your Lover”
48. Divine, “Walk Like a Man”
49. Bandelero, “Paris Latino”
50. Den Harrow, “Bad Boy”
51. Modern Talking, “Geronimo’s Cadillac”
52. Pineapples featuring Douglas Roop, “Come On Closer”
53. The Squash Gang, “I Want an Illusion”
54. Miko Mission, “How Old Are You?”
55. Sandy Marton, “People from Ibiza”
56. Kinky Go, “I’m a Winner”
57. Jock Hattle, “Yes-No Family”
58. Ken Laszlo, “Mary Ann”
59. Modern Talking, “Brother Louie”
60. Hotline, “Guilty”
61. Fancy, “When Guardian Angels Cry”
62. Hipnosis, “Pulstar”
63. Gazebo, “Masterpiece”
64. M & G, “When I Let You Down”
65. Koto, “Visitors”
66. Dharma, “Plastic Doll”
67. Patty & Shift, “Wonderful”
68. Ryan Paris, “La Dolce Vita”
69. Pluton & the Humanoids, “World Invasion”
70. Jessica, “Chinese Magic”
71. Ken Laszlo, “Don’t Cry”
72. Gazebo, “Lunatic”
73. Valerie Dore, “The Night”
74. Costas Charitodiplomenos, “Lost in the Night”
75. Radiorama featuring Martinelli, “Cinderella”
76. Scotch, “Man to Man”
77. Lucia, “Marinero”
78. Brand Image, “Movin’ Up”
79. Den Harrow, “Future Brain”
80. Divine, “You Think You’re a Man”
81. Humphrey Robertson, “Love in Your Eyes”
82. Gazebo, “I Like Chopin”
83. Cube, “Concert Boy”
84. Bad Boys Blue, “Fly Away”
85. Den Harrow, “Catch the Fox”
86. Grant Miller, “Red for Love”
87. Fantastique, “Mama Told Me”
88. Alexander Robotnick, “Dance, Boy, Dance”
89. Silent Circle, “Stop the Rain”
90. Samantha Guilles, “Let Me Feel It”
91. Hugh Bullen, “Alisand”
92. My Mine, “Hypnotic Tango”
93. Novecento, “I Need Love”
94. Rational Youth, “Saturdays in Silesia”
95. Alexander Robotnick, “Probl&egrave;mes d’Amour”
96. Ph&aelig;ax, “Talk About”
97. Paul Lekakis, “Boom Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back to My Room)”
98. Tony Caso, “Love Attack”
99. Ris featuring Celeste, “Love and Music”
100. Rose, “Magic Carillon” (Without question, the worst song ever. I love it so much.)
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100 Greatest Italo Disco and Discofox Tracks
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