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 ABC's of the 1980's

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ABC's of the 1980's Empty
PostSubject: ABC's of the 1980's   ABC's of the 1980's Empty10.01.09 17:56

A - A is for acid washed jeans. The lighter and whiter they were, the cooler I was!

B - B is for the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989. It was a start for world peace!

C - C is for the Cosby Show on Thursday nights. I remember my Mom popping me a bowl of popcorn and our family sitting down to watch the Huxtables each Thursday night.

D - D is for Def Leppard, who sang about a bottle of sugar "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Growing up, I had no clue what it meant but I knew I liked candy and candy had sugar in it so I figured it had to do with candy or something like it!

E - E is for Exclamation perfume - every pre-teen girl had to have it!

F - F is for French rolling your pants - it wasn't "in" if you couldn't see your socks and shoes clearly!

G - G is for Guys wearing make-up. Something about a guy with eye shadow made every girl want him more!

H - H is for "hair bands". I remember singing along to some of my favorites like Poison, Motley Crue, Warrant, Firehouse, and RATT.

I - I is for the Invention of the Nintendo. Every day afterschool I would have to hurry to get my homework done and room cleaned so I could play another game of Super Mario or Duck Hunt (remember that orange plastic gun!?).

J - J is for Jelly Shoes or as I called them, "jellies". This was before we had Croc's!

K - K is for Knotting one side of your shirt. You could even buy those "fashion rings" that made your knot even fancier and hipper!

L - L is for "Like, Oh My Gosh!" Like, this is how we like talked like back in the '80s, with our like friends, like totally!

M - M is for Michael Jackson. This is pre-transformation and pre-scandal Michael that everyone loved. Who can forget "Thriller" and "Bad"? I remember getting red leather " Michael Jackson" pants for Christmas one year.

N - N is for New Kids on the Block. Every pre-teen and teenage girl had their favorite. Mine was Joey. I had the gigantic button, doll, pillow, pajamas, and "Big Bopper" magazines with this classic " boy band". Oh, and not to mention the CASSETTE of each of their hit albums!

O - O is for the Oopsie Daisy Doll on every 80's kid's Christmas list. She crawled and then fell and then picked herself up again. Wow! I can sing the commercial to this day!

P - P is for Punky Brewster, who was my 80's childhood IDOL! I never missed her show and even watched the re-runs multiple times. I thought I WAS Punky. I had the dark braided pigtails and thought I looked just like her, right down to the skate key necklace she wore.

Q - Q is for the Questron Electronic Game. Remember this? It was the electronic pen that had a red and green light. You bought the Questron question books and used the pen to answer the questions, if you were right the green light would go on, if you were wrong the red one appeared. This was every '80s child afterschool tutor!

R - R is for Reebok's Pump Sneakers. The first $80 pair of gym shoes every kid had to have. I remember mine were all white with a purple and pink pump!

S - S is for Strawberry Shortcake. This was one of my most memorable Halloween costumes of the 1980s. She too was one of my childhood idols. I had the Strawberry Shortcake play phone, sleeping bag and doll.

T - T is for teased hair. The higher your hair was the better. I guess our theory was the higher your hair, the closer you were to heaven! We would rat our bangs as high as we could and then unload a bottle of hairspray until it stuck. What about the Ozone?

U - U is for Underoos! I remember every boy in my class in the 1980s wore Underoos underwear. They would have their favorite superhero on their underwear and it made me wonder why I had to have the ones with the days of the week on them! Didn't they have any Underoos with Strawberry Shortcake!?

V - V is for Valley Girls. Every girl that was around in the 1980s went through their valley girl phase. Talking like a Valley Girl and acting like a total snob was like all you had to do to like be a really rad valley girl at like school. Like, fur shure!

W - W is for "Where's the Beef?" that famous Wendy's commercial slogan of the 1980's. It still sticks in my head 20 years later!

X - X is for Generation X, any child growing up in the 1980's became part of this generation. With the guys in make up, teased hair and strange clothing its no wonder they couldn't come up with a better title than just "X" to name my wild generation.

Y - Y is for Yoohoo Chocolate Drink, my favorite afterschool snack. Who doesn't remember those cool yellow cartons with the blue letters. This was the best chocolate drink around.

Z - Z is for Zelda the popular 1980s Nintendo character. The Legend of Zelda had its own game and even its own cereal. Move over Super Mario Brothers, Zelda is moving in!
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ABC's of the 1980's
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