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 Jokes from the 80s

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Q. Whats the difference between Samantha Fox and the Eiffel Tower?
A. More men have been up Samantha Fox than the Eiffel Tower.
(This one was out around 1987 when Sam had her 'Touch Me' song going.)

A little known fact of the 80s was that Michael Jackson and Boy George had an unreleased duet...It was called "I'll Beat It For Ya".

What's worse than sweat on Olivia Newton John? Come On Eileen

Q: What happened when Michael Jackson invited Billy Squier and KISS to a party?
A: Billy Squier stroked it, Michael Jackson beat it, and KISS licked it up.

Q: Why was Michael Jackson grounded?
A: He was "Bad"

Q: What do you call Dolly Parton doing the backstroke?
A: Islands in the Stream

Q: What is the definition of a string quartet?
A: The Leningrad Symphony orchestra returning from a tour of the West.

Hear about the new band featuring Ronald Regan and Milli Vanilli? They don't remember any of the songs they didn't sing.

Q: How many letters are in the alphabet?
A: 24, because E.T. went home.

Q: Why is a Yugo like a Bic lighter?
A: You use it 'til it runs out of gas, then throw it away.

How many teenagers can fit into a Yugo? No one knows, none of them want to risk being seen in one!

Why is a Yugo called a Yugo? Because you go, and it don't!

Why does a Yugo have a rear defroster? To keep your hands warm when you're pushing it.

What do you call 10,000 Honda Civics at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? A good start.
What do you call 10,000 Yugos at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? A job well done!"
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Jokes from the 80s
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